Seat view from reserve section 8 at Dodger Stadium, home of the Los Angeles Dodgers


#2 Josh Mayo 2014-02-28 04:55
I sat in section 8 for game 4 of the NLDS last season vs. the Atlanta Braves. It provided us with one of the best views of homeplate on the reserve level. When you sit that high, all you really get is the view. Nothing special about these seats other than a good view. If anyone ever tells you that "There Isn't a Bad Seat at Dodger Stadium", don't listen to them. There are plenty of bad places to sit but this section isn't one of them so you're pretty safe here.
The game was crazy with the Dodgers on the verge of winning the series. They went onto to clinch the NLDS before losing the NLCS vs. the Cardinals. I've probably seen at least 200 games at Dodger Stadium total. The Dodgers always have my rent money and the Clippers have my food money. :P
I've sat all over the stadium so I know pretty much where all of the good seats are. I like the all you can eat deal in the Pavilion bleachers but the fans out there are just too much. The reserve level is a little more tame and a much more relaxing place to watch a baseball game.
The only thing that sucks is that if your ticket says reserve level, you will only have access to the reserve level. They don't want upper level dwellers to be able to access seats they didn't pay for.
#1 John M 2013-08-08 23:49
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from section 8, here is a Youtube video shot from there during a Dodgers/San Francisco Giants game at Dodger Stadium.

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