Seat view from section 155 at Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros


#1 Chevy 2013-07-07 18:48
As big as the main video board is (one of the biggest in the Majors) we couldn't see it from our seats in row 19. There is a smaller screen in left field, though.
The best part about these seats is that it sits above the bullpen the Astros use. In my opinion, the visitors get an even cooler bullpen next to the Crawford Boxes, it's completely enclosed almost like a prison cell. So the visiting pitcher's are free from the fans that heckle and harass. (Do the Astros even have those type of fans?)
These seats are also near Tal's Hill in center field, the slight pitch of grass on an incline. There used to be a flag pole there but they took it out after a player ran into it and almost got knocked unconscious. 155 is a good affordable seat but will seem like miles away from the infield. For the money, I think the third base field box seats are the best at Minute Maid.

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