Seat view from section 557 at Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians


#1 Mack 2013-06-12 00:45
Sat here for an Indians/Royals game last September. The stadium was a ghost town and so was our section. I think only 14K fans showed up that night. Still had fun, as I always do at these games. Our seats were way up near the top in row V but since no one was in the ballpark that night, we moved down to better seats in the fourth or fifth row. The view is good from all over when you sit behind home plate, it's all about how many stairs you're willing to climb. It's a good workout but can become rather tiring if you're a fan with an overactive bladder. The beer and food hawkers don't venture up there as much as you probably want so you should probably eat downtown before the game. If you visit the Warehouse District, you will be able to take your pick. Golic's Sports Bar is one of my favorites.

The primary concession was a stand called Ballpark Classics. The fare was pretty simple. Not sure if Aramark or Levy Restaurants handles the concessions for the Indians but the Bratwurst was phenomenal. They should add Italian sausage to the menu though.
The beer served there was Miller and Bud Light and you can find other beer stands elsewhere.

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