Seat view from section 570 at Progressive Field, home of the Cleveland Indians


#1 Angelo 2013-06-11 23:45
570 is almost just like any other section along the third base side. The views are good but far from great. This section in particular is above the Indians dugout and third base but you have to have binoculars to make out who is standing in the on deck circle.
Fans are friendly to visiting fans in the upper deck for the most part. It's always annoying when a million Yankee fans storm into the building for Yankees/Indians games. Red sox fans are everywhere for the Red Sox series too but don't bring nearly as many fans as the Yankees bring.

The seats aren't leather and padded but are comfortable enough to endure 9 innings of great baseball! There's something missing from Progressive to distinguish it from all of the other ballparks but it's still a spectacle to see.
I've been to a countless number of Indian games at Progressive Field dating back to it's opening in 1994 when the stadium was called Jacobs Field. At that time during the mid to late 1990's, there was plenty of optimism in the air. With the new ballpark leading to construction of the new Gateway District, Ramirez/Thome/Lofton /Belle/Justice, sell out crowds on a nightly basis, things were actually looking up for the Indians. Those days are over. But I still love coming to games and this place is still one of the best MLB ballparks in the country. It paved the way for newer ballparks like PNC Park and Petco Park in San Diego.

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