Photo of a baseball fan holding a beer at Yankee Stadium during a New York Yankees game.

Image Credit: Alina Gnerre (CC BY 2.0)

Earlier this week, Yankee Stadium’s food and beverage provider (Legends) tested out an imprint machine that was able to add images to beer foam. The images included the New York Yankees logo as well as the faces of players Aroldis Chapman, Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. However, Major League Baseball quickly intervened and told the organization that they were breaking league rules. According to MLB officials, active players are prohibited from being involved with any alcohol-related advertising and promotions.

The incident created a ton of buzz on Monday during a media event in which the Yankees organization was showing off some of Yankee Stadium’s off season additions. The imprint machine is called “Beer Ripples” and is a creation of it’s parent company Ripples. Ripples specializes in 3-D imaging technologies and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The Yankees organization stated that they have no plans to use the imprint machine this season. The images were imprinted using Blue Point Beer, a brewing company based on Long Island and an offering at Yankee Stadium. If Major League Baseball were to allow the beer foam art at Yankee Stadium, you can bet the other 29 MLB teams would be breaking their necks to offer similar products.


Why was this event important? It wasn’t. Wednesday was a slow news day. In fact, we’re in agony over the thought of millennials wasting even more time on their smart phones during baseball games. Hey! They’ve got to post those beer foam photos to Instagram and show their friends how cool they are!


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