Metlife Stadium Seating Chart

Where To Sit At Metlife Stadium

Metlife Stadium has been home to the New York Giants and New York Jets since 2010 and is the largest stadium in the National Football League. At the moment, it is the only stadium in the NFL that is home to two teams. Los Angeles will become home to the second stadium to host two teams (Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers) when their new stadium opens in 2020.

The Metlife Stadium seating chart is fairly easy to understand. Nevertheless, we wanted to dissect it so that fans can easily navigate the stadium and understand the seating chart before purchasing their tickets to Giants and Jets games. There are three levels of seats at Metlife Stadium; the field level, mezzanine level and terrace level. There are three club seating areas; the EY Coaches Club (field level), the Touchdown Club (mezzanine level) and the Toyota Club (mezzanine level). Additionally, there is the Metlife 50 Club which is located in section 139 for New York Jets home games.


Note: Seat 1 will always be located on the far-right side of the aisle if you’re facing the field at Metlife Stadium. As with all stadiums in professional sports, the number of rows and seats per row will vary from section to section. All rows and sections are numbered; there are no lettered rows or seats at Metlife Stadium.


Field Level (100 Level)

View of the Field from the Field Level Seats at Metlife Stadium.

The field level seats are the best seats at Metlife Stadium aside from the club seats on the field and mezzanine levels. The field level seating area consists of the following sections; 101, 103, 104, 106, 108-110, 111A, 115A, 116-118, 121, 123, 124, 126, 128, 129, 131, 133-135, 137, 139, 140, 142-144, 146, 148, 149. The number of rows per section and seats per row vary greatly on the field level of Metlife Stadium. Most sections have 30 to 40 rows per section. Most rows have 28-34 seats per row. For the end zone sections, there are nearly 50 rows per section.

The visiting team’s sideline is located in front of sections 137, 139 and 140. The New York Giants players run out of the tunnel in front of section 104. The New York Jets players run out of the tunnel in front of section 123. 



EY Coaches Club

The EY Coaches Club is the most exclusive club seating area at Metlife Stadium. It takes up more than 18,000 square feet of space, is located between both the home and visiting team’s locker rooms and provides fans with indoor access to a club lounge to escape the cold weather. The EY Coaches Club sits directly behind the Giants and Jets sideline and consists of the following sections; 111C, 112-114, 115C. Ticket holders for the club are granted access to the field before the game where they can sometimes meet the players before the game. The EY Coaches Club offers complimentary food and drinks and is also the perfect setting to host private events and banquets year around. Section 113 is the largest section in the EY Coaches Club and has 26 rows total with 29 seats in most rows. The other sections (111C, 112, 114, 115C) are a little smaller and have 25 rows and up to 16 seats per row.



The Metlife 50 Club

The Metlife 50 Club is located in section 139 for New York Jets home games only. Section 139 is just a regular section for New York Giants home games. The Metlife 50 Club is located directly behind the visiting team’s sideline on the west side of Metlife Stadium. The Metlife 50 Club provides indoor access to a club lounge with complimentary food and drinks, VIP parking as well as multiple indoor bars. New York Jets fans will also have access to an outdoor patio with high top seating during games.



Mezzanine Level (200 Level)

View of the field from the Mezzanine Level at Metlife Stadium

The mezzanine level seats are located on the second level of the North and South end zones at Metlife Stadium. The mezzanine level consists of the following sections; 202A, 203A, 204, 205A, 206A, 207A, 220A-222A, 223, 224A, 225A, 227A, 228A, 229, 230A-232A, 245A-247A, 248, 249A, 250A. The Toyota and Touchdown Clubs (known as the Chase Club for New York Jets home games) are technically considered part of the mezzanine level but those sections are private and the tickets are much more expensive. Most sections on the mezzanine level have 12 to 15 rows per section and 22-24 seats per row.



Touchdown Club (Chase Club), Toyota Club

View of the field from the Touchdown Club at Metlife Stadium

The Touchdown Club (known as the Chase Club during New York Jets home games) is located on the mezzanine level of the east side of Metlife Stadium and consists of the following sections; 207C, 208-213, 215-219, 220C. The Touchdown Club has 30,000 square feet of space, offers wine and martini bars, a large offering of food and beverages that can’t be found in other areas of Metlife Stadium. The Touchdown Club is perfect for home games during the winter months when fans need to escape the cold weather. It’s club lounge is climate-controlled with more than 100 HD televisions so that fans can watch the game while away from their seats.

The Toyota Club is identical to the Touchdown Club, is located on the west side of Metlife Stadium and consists of the following sections; 232C, 233-237, 239-244, 245C. The actual seats in the Touchdown and Toyota Club sections are wider and offer more padding than the other seats found throughout Metlife Stadium. The rows are also a little wider as well which gives fans more leg room. Most sections in the Toyota and Touchdown Club have 12 to 14 rows and between 21 and 24 seats per row. Additional amenities include a private entrance to the mezzanine level, VIP parking and the best views of the playing field in the entire stadium.



Terrace Level (300 Level)

View of the field from the Terrace Level at Metlife Stadium

The terrace level consists of sections 301 through 350 and are the uppermost seats at Metlife Stadium. Most sections on the terrace level have 26 rows of seats with 24 to 27 seats per row. Tickets for the terrace level will be the cheapest tickets at Metlife Stadium for Jets and Giants home games. These seats offer a decent view but require fans to make a very steep climb to their seats. Keep in mind, Metlife Stadium is the largest stadium in the NFL in terms of permanent seating. (AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, can expand to a larger capacity than Metlife Stadium).

All New York Giants season ticket holders and nearly all New York Jets season ticket holders are required to purchase a personal seat license (PSL) before having the ability to purchase season tickets. After a PSL is purchased, a fan will be obligated to purchase season tickets every season thereafter until they sell or transfer their PSL to another fan that wants the seats. Yes, PSLs can be a risky investment. Companies such as STR Marketplace and PSL Source offer their services by acting as the middle man between fans that wish to sell or transfer their PSLs to other fans. The New York Jets do not require fans to purchase a PSL for season tickets on the terrace level (300 level). For a complete list of PSL and season ticket prices, please visit or