AT&T Stadium Seating Chart


Where To Sit At AT&T Stadium 

AT&T Stadium which opened in 2009, is the most over the top football stadium in the NFL as well as one of the largest. We wanted to give Dallas Cowboys fans a little more insight than just seat reviews when purchasing their Dallas Cowboys tickets in addition to dissecting the AT&T Stadium seating chart. We'll first start with the Hall of Fame club seating area. 


Hall of Fame Club

 Photo of the Hall of Fame Club at AT&T Stadium

The Hall of Fame club seats are the field level club seats and consists of sections C109-C112 and C134-C137. All of the Hall of Fame club seats are centrally located directly behind each team’s sideline. Fans will have access to wider padded seats and the Miller Lite Club where they can watch the Dallas Cowboys players take the field before the game. Trying to sneak into these seats? Good luck. The entrances are private.




Founder’s All Access Seating 

Founder's Club Seats at AT&T Stadium

Tickets for the Founder’s area is the most expensive ticket at AT&T Stadium and consists of sections C235 and C210. Fans are granted access to the Founder’s Club which offers unlimited food and beverages; the perfect ticket for entertaining important clients and guests. Fans are also granted access to the Field Level club where you can watch the Dallas Cowboys players take the field before the game. The two Founder’s Club sections also have cushioned seats with more room for your feet.



Party Pass Area 

Party Pass Area at AT&T Stadium

Most NFL organizations will call this the “Standing Room Only area” and that’s all the Party Pass area at AT&T Stadium is. There are a few major downsides to having a party pass ticket. 1) You don’t have a designated seat and if you find a great spot to stand in, you can easily lose it by going to the restroom and concessions. 2) The prices for party pass tickets are never set in stone so Cowboys fans can likely be gauged depending on the demand of the game. 3) Not every fan will be guaranteed a spot on the rail to see the game as you can see in the photo above. Most fans will be watching the game on the giant AT&T Stadium jumbo screens.

On a better note, Cowboys fans will have access to all six levels of the stadium as well as all of the outdoor plazas. Think you can purchase a party pass ticket and sneak into the regular seating areas? Don’t even think about it. The Cowboys lead the NFL in attendance virtually every season so every seat will likely be occupied. But if you like to eat and drink and enjoy the game day atmosphere, the Party Pass ticket will be good for you.




Loge Seating 

View from the Loge Seats at AT&T Stadium

The loge seats at AT&T Stadium consists of sections 409-415 and 440-446. They’re on the upper level and don’t come with any special amenities aside from the cushioned seats. The loge seats are only the first six rows of the upper level and have perhaps the best view of the jumbo screens in the entire stadium. Above the loge seats is the upper reserved area which will have the same section numbers.




Club Silver 

View from the Silver Club at AT&T Stadium

The Club Silver seats are on the mezzanine level or 3rd level of AT&T Stadium and consists of sections C308-C313 and C333-C338. The view is spectacular and fans will have access to a number of private and upscale lounges, bathrooms and concessions. Like the Loge seats, the best feature of the Club Silver seating area is the view of the jumbo screens where fans can easily keep up with game play and replays. These are perhaps the cheapest club tickets at AT&T Stadium.

The prices for all of these seating areas will vary greatly. Any other section at AT&T Stadium not discussed here is just a regular reserved seat. If you were inquiring about a certain section, be sure to refer back to our seat reviews on the previous page.