Exterior photo of Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. Home of the Kansas City Chiefs. 

Image Credit: Ryan Schreiber (CC BY 2.0)

The Kansas City Chiefs recently completed a $12 million renovation to Arrowhead Stadium; the team’s home stadium since 1972. The most recent improvements included replacing all of the upper level seats, weather-proofing the stadium’s concrete, installing cup holders on the upper level, and updating the scoreboard in the west end zone (upgraded resolution and HDR technology). The upcoming renovations will include replacing all of the stadium’s lower level seats, and updating the scoreboard in the east end zone.

The old orange seats are being replaced with new red ones. Jackson County and Schneider Industries are teaming up to sell the old orange seats to Kansas City Chiefs fans at Arrowheadseatsale.com. The seat sell begins January 27, 2020. Kansas City Chiefs season ticket holders will receive a discount on their seat purchase from the sale. 

The Kansas City Chiefs’ locker room is also being renovated. The locker room will receive brand new lockers for the players, a ceiling logo in the center of the locker room, a Gatorade bar, new accent lighting, and new carpets. Other areas of Arrowhead Stadium that will receive upgrades include the following.

  • Main Concourse (open-aired field box suites to become enclosed box suites)
  • Athletic Training Area
  • Sports Lab

Arrowhead Stadium is one of the oldest stadiums in the National Football League. As the stadium continues to age, renovations and upgrades will become vital to help preserve the venue and keep up with the rest of the National Football League.


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