Photo of Cincinnati Bengals wide receive Chad Johnson playing versus the New York Jets.

Image Credit: Chris Breeze (CC BY 2.0)

Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson was no stranger to eccentric actions both on and off the field. Whether it was changing his name to Chad Ocho Cinco, growing a blonde mohawk, creating quirky touchdown dances or asking to become the team’s kicker, Chad Johnson was 100% authentic. Earlier this week on Twitter, Chad admitted that he lived at Paul Brown Stadium during his rookie and second seasons in the National Football League. The reason? Because he was too cheap to buy his own home.

Paul Brown Stadium, as Chad put it, had everything he needed including food, television, showers, gym, a lounge for players, etc. Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis eventually talked Chad into purchasing his own home before he began his third season as a player. Although some people may see this story as being humorous, it also demonstrates the intense focus and preparation Chad Johnson displayed his entire career. Chad was known to be well-prepared when it came to game film.

Our staff was curious to find out how Chad Johnson was filling his time these days. He turned 40 years old in January and recently played a few games in a Mexican football league. He also spent some time helping Hue Jackson coach the Cleveland Browns' receivers during their 2016 training camp. Chad's last full NFL season was with the New England Patriots during the 2011 season; the same year he made his first Super Bowl appearance. Chad was released by the Miami Dolphins in 2012 and went on to play for the CFL's Montreal Alouettes in 2014.


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