Let’s be honest, in the grand scheme of things, work is not that important. Family and the memories we create are what matter most. That’s ultimately what we love about Major League Baseball; the ability to skip work or school and see games during the day. With the other three professional sports leagues, you can’t do that which is why we loved this story so much. And day baseball is synonymous with the Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field! Earlier this week, a young boy in Illinois skipped school for the day to attend the Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates game at Wrigley Field. Only to be seen by his principal who was also attending the game with his son.

The kid’s name is Tucker Steckman and he attended the Cubs game with his parents which kind of removes some of the mystique found in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Ferris’ parents that he was home sick all day. Tucker’s parents, however, did call Wells Elementary School (East Moline, IL) to tell his teachers that he was sick and staying home. As it turns out, the school’s Principal (Pat Verslius) spotted Tucker at Wrigley Field and tried his best to avoid him. Tucker even made a sign that referenced Principal Verslius and held it the entire game. The MLB took a photo of the boy and blasted it all over their social media accounts.

We're not sure if Tucker caught a foul ball at the game like Ferris did. If you notice in both Youtube videos above, both Tucker and Ferris were sitting in sections that were very close to each other. 

A few years back, Baseball Prospectus did a study to discover which Chicago Cubs home game the movie Ferris Bueller was filmed at. The game Ferris and his friends attended took place on June 5, 1985 vs. the Atlanta Braves. Read the full article here. Oddly enough, the Chicago Cubs are lobbying to play more night games at Wrigley Field than in years past. However, Chicago city officials are pushing back and think it would be a burden on the Wrigleyville neighborhood


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