Photo of the Inglewood Forum. Former home of the Los Angeles Lakers. 

Image Credit: Fauxtos - Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

With the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers moving into a $2 billion stadium in Inglewood in three years, the Los Angeles Clippers are also interested in building a new arena in the same area. Two months ago, Inglewood, California’s city council approved of a three-year negotiation period between the city and the Los Angeles Clippers in regards to constructing the arena. In fact, the Clippers paid a $1.5 million deposit to cover expenses during the negotiation period. That same city council is now pondering a vote that would shrink the plot of land that the Los Angeles Clippers would be able to build on after push back from area residents.

Originally, the Clippers organization were given a four-block radius that they could build the team’s arena, practice facility, headquarters and parking lots on. The new agreement would prevent the construction of the arena from forcing area residents out of their homes and would limit the team to two blocks along West Century Avenue. The new agreement leaves the possibility of the Clippers acquiring the land through eminent domain as a possibility although the organization has said it would never force residents out of their homes.

The Los Angeles Clippers’ lease with the Staples Center is set to expire in 2024. Therefore, the team is making plans for a new home arena well ahead of schedule. The team currently shares the Staples Center with both the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings of the NHL. Of the three teams, the Los Angeles Clippers are third when it comes to setting their schedule for home games.

The Forum (pictured above), former home of the Los Angeles Lakers, is located not far from the site the Los Angeles Clippers are interested in. The Forum is now owned by the Madison Square Garden Company and serves as a concert venue. The Madison Square Garden Company recently sued the city of Inglewood for allegedly violating California’s Public Records Act. In all likelihood, the company is opposed to the Los Angeles Clippers building a new arena in Inglewood.




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