Photo of the Sunday Night Baseball Crew.

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The Sunday Night Baseball crew consisting of Dan Shulman, Buster Olney, Aaron Boone and John Kruk decided to take a break from the press box for four straight Sunday night baseball games on ESPN. The break would give baseball fans a first hand look at some of the most unique seating areas in all of Major League Baseball without leaving their sofa.

The "Sunday from the Seats" lineup consisted of the Cardinals/Pirates game at PNC Park on July 12th, the Red Sox/Angels game at Angel Stadium on July 19th (postponed), the Red Sox/Tigers game at Fenway Park on July 26th and Nationals/Mets game at Citi Field on August 2nd. A fine ballpark lineup, nevertheless, but I feel like the group may have sold themselves short. A Sunday Night Baseball broadcast from the iconic Wrigley Field bleachers or atop the Arcade wall overlooking Mccovery Cove at AT&T Park would have stolen the show. Let's take a look at where they sat.


Citi Field

Citi Field isn't the first ballpark that comes to fans' minds when you think of iconic seating areas but according to the crew, it was the most beautiful view of the four ballparks and it put them super close to the action. The crew was practically on the warning track in section 139 and were witness to a nearby home run at the very first at bat by Anthony Rendon. The outfield walls were recently moved in at Citi Field so it's a little more home run friendly than it once was. As Shulman put it, he couldn't remember a more electric night for New York Mets baseball. The atmosphere felt like the old Mets games at Shea Stadium.  





Fenway Park 

The crew spent last Sunday night atop the Green Monster, a seating area that fans haven't always been able to sit atop in the ballpark's 100+ year history. Known as simply "The Monster" to Boston Red Sox fans, it hovers above left field at 37 feet and is the largest wall in Major League Baseball. The Monster seating area consists of ten sections and each seat consists of a stool at a pub table. The supply of Green Monster seats are extremely limited so you're going to pay top dollar for them but they're definitely "bucket list seats" for a Boston Red Sox game.

Sunday Night Baseball crew atop the Green Monster.



PNC Park

PNC Park is one of the most easily recognizable ballparks in all of Major League Ballpark. Whether it's the breathtaking views of the Pittsburgh skyline, the view of the Roberto Clemente pedestrian bridge in the distance or the Clemente wall in right field, PNC Park is the new standard for Major League Ballparks. The Sunday Night crew took advantage and set up shop atop the Clemente wall - a hulking 21 feet above right field. The wall was erected 21 feet in tribute to Roberto Clemente who wore number 21 for the Pittsburgh Pirates many years ago. Although these seats don't provide fans with the same views of downtown Pittsburgh as the third baseline, they're definitely worth checking out if you ever visit PNC Park.