Photo of Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts.

Image Credit: Spablab - Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Anyone that regularly follows NFL headlines is aware that Peyton Manning recently underwent neck surgery; his second surgery in  four months. Because Peyton is expected to miss a great portion of the 2011 season, many Indianapolis Colts fans are deciding not to attend Indianapolis Colts games at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Ticket sales are anticipated to be on the decline not just in Indianapolis but also in the other eight cities that Colts will travel to this season. Why ticket sales would be effected by the absence of one player is beyond me. Many are skeptical that Kerry Collins will be able to get the job done. Maybe it's the anticipation that the Indianapolis Colts cannot succeed without their talented Quarterback? Fans understand, especially after the whooping the Houston Texans just put on them this past week.

This case, once again, is showing you the true nature of sports fans. They will only reach into their pockets for winners. Sports is the only sphere where rooting for a bad product is deemed as admirable. Whatever happened to going to a game because no matter who was on the field, you were entertained? The real slap in the face goes to the other 52 Colts players; their own fans don't think they can get the job done without Peyton Manning.

I can't help but to recollect Michael Jordan's first retirement in 1993. A year later, while the Chicago Bulls were still a competitive team in the NBA, ticket sales took a major hit simply because Michael Jordan wasn't around. A year later in 1995, Jordan's return sent ticket sales through the roof not just in Chicago but in cities the Bulls visited as well. I'm no doctor but I anticipate Peyton Manning to make his return by December. And when he comes to your city in the future, go see him play in person. The man turns 36 in March, he won't be playing for too many more years. 


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