Section 453 at Sun Life Stadium


#1 George 2012-09-05 23:46
Sat in 453, row 21 on December 26th 2010 against the lowly Detroit Lions. (The Lions won). Not too much to say about this section. Each seat had a cup holder with enough leg room but not enough elbow room. You had better hope the person sitting next to you is of regular stature. I am surprised at how friendly Dolphins fans are towards the visiting fans. If a Dolphins fan were to travel to Buffalo, Foxborough or New York, they would be spat on at those stadiums.

I'm not a die hard Miami Dolphin fan. I am from New York and you will only catch me at this stadium when the New York Jets are in town. But I must say... the Dolphin Fans are loyal and they will go to games regardless if their team is hot or not. As a sports fan, you've got to respect that.
Unless your seats are at club level where there is always plenty of shade, you should plan to dress in light colors and bring sunscreen. Miami weather is very unpredictable so a light poncho may not be a bad idea either.
The best way to enjoy the game is to arrive at Dolphin Stadium more than 2 hours before the game and attend tail gate with fellow Dolphins fans. If you arrive early enough, you can park in the main tailgate lot around the stadium.

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