#1 Hunter 2012-09-06 02:41
Seats in 143 are the ideal seats for any Dolphins fan. I sat here on behalf of a buddy of mine who is a season ticket holder. I get an invite every so often, this wasn't my first time in these seats but for this review, I will review the Bills game in 2011, the last game I went to.

They were immediately on the 50 yard line and the Dolphins players were right down in front of our seats on the sideline. You'll have plenty of chances for photos of your favorite Dolphins players. The section's exit tunnel is at the top of the stairs, so the closer you sit to the field, the more stairs you will have to climb.

The rate the Dolphins charge to park your car in the main lot is just down right irresponsible. $40 while $25 seems to be the average rate for other events. No way they should be charging that in this economy. If there were more around the stadium in terms of restaurants and bars, it would really add to the stadium experience. Dolphin Stadium is miles away from downtown Miami and with the hockey arena an hour from downtown, sports fans in Miami have a lot to be desired.

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