#1 Omar 2012-09-07 03:46
First of all, these were the best seats I've had at a Dolphins game (row 11). The 50 yard line is the best view in any stadium, it's common knowledge, why do you think the seats cost so much?
The aisles were extremely small and intimate, almost to the point that even standing up to let someone out of the row wasn't enough. You have to basically step out of the row entirely to let another fan pass. The seats weren't all that comfortable either; they were the typical hard plastic. Make sure you maybe do a lap around the stadium at half time to stretch your legs. But what I really liked was being behind the Dolphins player bench where I was just a few feet away from my Sunday heroes.

The jumbo trons are larger than Soldier Field's in Chicago and have a much better picture quality. The stadium fare is good, with a large selection of the usual foods. There are also many different ethnic and local foods; give Arepa's a try. There are plenty of beer stands and they all have multiple selections. There are even full bars available on the first level, not just the club seats.

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