Seat view from section 502 at Bank of America Stadium, home of the Carolina Panthers


#1 Taylor 2012-10-26 07:45
If Cam Newton could see the field as well as fans from section 502 could, this Panthers team would be unstoppable. Sadly, that isn't the case but I found myself yelling out numbers of players that were open as if Cam could hear me. You see a lot more from that height than what anyone on the bottom level will see. The upper level seats aren't bad, just require on a ton of walking on the fans part. Easy to lose your buzz from the all day tailgate, let me tell you.
Section 502 was like any other upper level seat, just behind the uprights. The uprights don't necessarily obstruct but you will notice them, especially when either team is approaching your end zone.

Bank of America Stadium also won't blow you away with it's gameday atmosphere but it also won't disappoint.

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