#1 Eric B 2012-09-25 02:11
Unlike many of the other NFL stadiums that opt for tricked out club seats, Arrowhead actually has club seats that the average fan can afford. I've seen seat go for less than $150 quiet frequently. You can almost always find a club seat on the 50 yard line for $250 which sounds expensive but the demand is always high for NFL games.

I sat in section 204 for the Buffalo Bills game in 2011, the season opener and the Chiefs got absolutely smashed by the Bills. It wasn't a good start to the year but the game was still fun.

There is no free food or free alcohol in the Arrowhead club seats nor are they extra comfy and extra large but the sight lines are the best in the stadium and that's really all you're paying for when you sit there. 204 sits right on the 10 yard line closest to the east end zone and is located below the 'North Club'.

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