Seat view from section 104 at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs


#1 Dominik 2012-09-25 06:50
I've sat here twice, believe it or not for an Eagles game a few seasons back and the 2011 Monday Night game against the San Diego Chargers. Our seats were in row 14 and as far as section 104 goes, these are the ideal seats. We had two jumbo trons on each side of us although they were a little high up but catching the replays was very easy.

The cheerleaders frequent this area of the field for most of the game in the corners and the visitor's sideline was also on that side of the field.

The seats were a hard orange plastic. I think it would benefit the appeal of the stadium much more if they colored every seat red just like how every seat is green in Philadelphia.
You can easily access section 104 via the Sprint Gate on the northeast side of the stadium. There is no sense in battling the crowds to get to your seats after entering the opposite side of the stadium especially considering the size of Arrowhead Stadium.

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