Seat view from section 322 at the Pepsi Center, home of the Denver Nuggets


#1 Mike 2013-01-03 06:42
Definitely not my first choice of seating but the seats were $5. How can you complain about catching an NBA game (Denver vs. Golden State Warriors) for $5 per ticket? Of course, you will want to purchase your seats online to get those deals, you'll never find $5 tickets from a scalper on the street.

Sitting behind the net isn't the best possible view if you want to be able to see everything well. But after sitting here, I'm convinced that there isn't a bad seat in the building.

Comfort? That's another thing. As I'm sure you can probably already attest to if you've been to an Avs or Nuggets game, the seats are insanely small. And America is fat! Not a good equation, now is it?
If you're a casual NBA fan, you will absolutely hate these seats because they will be too far from the court for your enjoyment. In that case, you will want to sit as close to the court as possible. Courtside seats at the Pepsi Center aren't as expensive as one might think.
If you're a die hard, the distance from the court likely won't bother you and you'll likely just be happy to be in the building. On weeknights, you can purchase these seats and opt for better ones later in the game if the Lakers or Bulls aren't in town. Not that I'm encouraging that, just putting it out there.

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