Seat view from section 272 at Busch Stadium, home of the St. Louis Cardinals


#1 BBH 2013-07-20 21:24
I may be a little bit biased but Busch Stadium is the best stadium I've seen a game in. And I've been to new Yankee Stadium, Wrigley, Fenway Park. I just love it here. Compared to the old Busch Stadium, it's so open and inviting.
I sat in 272 at a Cardinals game earlier this season against the Cubs and sat in row 7 which was in the middle part of our section. Loved the view we had of left field but you won't be able to see downtown St. Louis from these seats since it will be to your back side. There were no more additional sections to our left so we were on the edge of the Loge level; just above the Left Field Porch Seats. These seats are much better than the Left Field Porch seats as those are covered by an overhang too much.

If you're seated in the first two rows of section 272, you'll be able to see into the visitors bullpen down below. Depends on which seat you have, I guess. For $15-$25 a seat, you can't beat 272. Would sit here again without hesitation.

A few other tips when visiting Busch Stadium...
-If rising the Metrolink, after the game, get on the stop at 8th and Pine St.
-Children under 3 years do not need a ticket to the game.
-KMOX 1120 AM has the broadcast of the game, every Cardinals fan listens to it.
-Parking meters are free on Sundays and free after 7pm every other day.
-Best restaurants nearby; J Bucks, Ozzies, Over/Under Bar and Grill, Mike shannons.
-For night games, sun is focused towards the right field seats.
-Cardinals fans are very welcoming to visiting fans, unless you're a Chicago Cubs fan that is being especially annoying.

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