Aerial photo of the construction site of the new football stadium in Inglewood, California.

Image Credit: Brendan C (CC  BY 2.0)

The Los Angeles Rams are ramping up the sale of personal seat licenses (PSLs) for their new stadium in Inglewood, California. The venue is expected to open in 2020 and will also be home to the NFL’s Los Angeles Chargers. There are rumors that the Rams organization will be selling personal seat licenses that range from $175,000 to $225,000 per ticket. That price would set the mark for the most expensive personal seat licenses in NFL history; a record that the Dallas Cowboys currently own with some personal seat licenses that cost $150,000.

Personal seat licenses are one-time fees that permit fans to purchase season tickets. From that point forward, a fan is required to purchase season tickets until they either transfer their personal seat license or it is sold to another fan. After a personal seat license is purchased from the Los Angeles Rams, the most expensive tickets will range from $350 to $400 per game, per ticket. The cheapest personal seat licenses will be sold for $500 per seat and those seats will be located on the upper level. Nearly every seat at the new Inglewood stadium will require the purchase of a personal seat license if a fan wishes to become a season ticket holder.

The Los Angeles Chargers have not yet devised a PSL program for their fans but the organization will likely require Chargers fans to purchase them as well. The revenue generated from the sale of personal seat licenses is often used to help pay for the construction of new stadiums and arenas. PSL programs are seen the most often in the National Football League although teams from other professional leagues are beginning to implement them as well. The Golden State Warriors recently made news when they announced they would require their fans to sign 30 year PSL agreements for the yet to be constructed Chase Center.





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