Photo of the NFL logo painted on a football field.

Image Credit: Erin Costa (CC BY 2.0)

Few NFL fans are probably aware that the NFL Ticket Exchange is a formed partnership between the NFL and ticket giant Ticketmaster. Since it's founding in 2008, the partnership's profits have multiplied extensively. So much that the NHL ticket exchange has also been launched.

The ticket exchange operates under the same model as StubHub; the owners of the tickets are left to decide the price of the tickets on the secondary ticket market. The ticket exchange also guarantees that all tickets are 100% authentic which puts millions of sports and concert fans at ease. Partnering with the NFL was a no brainder for Ticketmaster. Of the four major sports leagues in America, the NFL boasts the highest television ratings, profits and attendance. Just look at how spectacular the Super Bowl is presented to viewers compared to even the World Series.

Unlike many other ticket brokers on the secondary market, fans are unable to purchase season ticket packages via the ticket exchange. You can likely guess why. On websites such as Stubhub, fans can purchase season tickets without having to put down money for the annoying application fees, deposits and PSLs. NFL franchises want fans to feel obligated to their seats so the NFL ticket exchange caters to fans that want single game tickets. 

With dynamic pricing models, paperless ticketing, printable tickets and Stubhub, it's great to see the secondary market making improvements. These improvements only enhance the fan experience because without their devotion, we would all be out of business.



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