Photo of obstructed view seats at Citi Field. Home of the New York Mets.

Image Credit: Bari D (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Purchasing tickets to your favorite event isn't always fail proof. Thousands of ticket transactions happen every single day a game is played. Mistakes are often made and it isn't always your fault. Below are the most common mistakes made when purchasing tickets to your favorite event and our advice on how to resolve the situation. 

Your were sent the Wrong Tickets

After purchasing upper level seats for a Detroit Red Wings game at Joe Louis Arena, I was once sent the wrong tickets from a Stubhub seller. I sent in a dispute to Stubhub's online customer service department but hadn't heard anything back the following day (day of the game). I called Stubhub and the company upgraded me with even better seats without hesitation. If you are sent the wrong tickets to an event, all companies will most likely make it up to you. There is way too much competition from other ticket companies out there to be giving poor customer service. 


Your Tickets never Arrived in the Mail

I don't remember the last time I received tickets through the mail because paying for shipping is more expensive, the post office isn't always reliable and the "print your tickets from home" option is just so convenient. If your tickets were sent with tracking (UPS, Fedex, DHL) and never arrived, you will most likely be issued a full refund from the company you purchased the tickets from. Our advice: don't have tickets shipped to your home. Have them left at the venue's will call window or print them at a home. Have peace of mind and save yourself the headache.


You Purchased Tickets to an Event but Rain is in the Forecast

A forecast of rain is a threat to sporting events and concerts held outdoors. This is one of the reasons why I don't recommend purchasing your tickets more than a week in advance. Major League Baseball sees it's share of rainouts, especially during the Spring months at the beginning of the baseball season. Let me first add that no accommodations will be made to fans for rain delays. Rain delays could last for two hours in Major League Baseball and how long a delay lasts is at the Umpire's discretion. If you aren't willing to wait it out, tough luck. If a rainout is issued and the game is cancelled, the home team's ticket office will either a) give you a voucher for a future home game or b) issue you a refund. Each team or concert venue will have it's own policies regarding cancellations so be sure to check their respective websites. 


You Accidentally Purchased Tickets for the wrong Event/Date

This happened to me in 2007. I was trying to catch Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati. The game was a day game at 1 PM. I purchased tickets thinking it was a night game as Saturday games usually are and didn't even bother to look at the game's scheduled time. (It was a Saturday day game). I missed the game but made up for it and just went to the final game of that series. I was able to make up for my mistake but still...$50 down the drain. The only thing to really do if you've purchased the wrong tickets is to call customer service of the broker/ticket company you purchased your tickets from and beg for mercy. Most ticket brokers have a policy of no refunds but may accommodate you if you purchase another set of tickets before given the refund. 


You Hate your Seats

If you've already purchased tickets, reached your seats and absolutely hate them, you're not completely out of luck. Download the PogoSeat app. PogoSeat will allow you to upgrade your seats if there are unsold tickets in the stadium. They have partnerships with a good amount of teams from all four of the Major Professional Sports leagues. 

If PogoSeat doesn't have a partnership with the team you're watching, you can also ask a stadium worker for directions to guest services. When you arrive, explain to them that you're unappy with your seats and ask if they'll allow you to upgrade to better seats or move to an unoccupied part of the stadium. However, do not expect any refunds. I personally know how this feels. Just check out the seats I accidentally bought at Lucas Oil Stadium for an Indianapolis Colts game.

Obstructed View Seats at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts.

Why would a professional sports team even build seats like this? Greed and poor customer service at it's finest. We hope you've all found these tips helpful.


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