#1 Julian 2012-08-22 07:00
The view from the corners isn't all that great in this arena or in any other sports related venue. Especially for hockey, the puck is harder to follow and it's hard to see the plays at the net. I had to react based on how the fans reacted because I couldn't tell if the puck went in the net or not.

And when the puck travels into the corners, it can stay there for 15-30 seconds as the players fight for it and you can't see anything. The club seats are great as long as you stick with the ones behind the net or on the sidelines, stay away from the corners.

Also stay away from the standing room only tickets. If you're going to purchase those tickets, you have to get there extra early and then you can't leave to use the bathroom or get a beer or you'll lose your spot. It's a huge inconvenience and the franchise oversells those tickets by the tens if not hundreds.

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