#1 James L 2012-08-28 08:34
Section 202's seats are elevated perfectly above the visiting team tunnel. The club seats are a neat contrast, they're colored red while all of the other seats are colored blue. The section itself is very thin with a large amount of rows but only a few seats to each row. It's an excellent family environment, you won't find a ton of drunk and rowdy Titans fans in these sections; the fans are rather affluent and polite.

I loved the exclusivity of not having to sit with the masses on the first level. Here you can go to the restrooms and concessions and have practically no wait whatsoever. I could easily go grab a beer during a timeout and be back in my seat before play had resumed. I couldn't see the jumbo tron to my immediate right so well but I could easily see the other in the opposite end zone.

The buffet was above average but is not free and comes with a hefty $27.00 price tag. Not worth it if you ask me, try out a downtown restaurant before the game.

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