Seat view from section 140 at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans


#1 Jeremiah 2012-08-29 03:23
As you extend down the section further and further, the less seats there will be in each row. If you sit near the top of the section in the double lettered rows, keep in mind those aren't ideal seats for people with overactive bladders or that like to move in and out of their row many times per game because 140 is a corner section.

What I liked the most about our seats was that we were only two sections down from the Titans tunnel. Not until you sit this close do you realize how big these players are nor will you gain an appreciation for their athleticism.

Come prepared to climb a lot of stairs to get to and from your section although you probably won't find them to be nearly as steep as the stairs in the upper level. Also be prepared to drop $100+ on nearly any lower level seat no matter which team is in town; these seats always come at a premium.

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