Seat view from section 138 at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans


#2 John M 2013-09-17 00:15
To give you an idea what the view of the field is like from section 138, here is a Youtube video shot from there during a Titans/Denver Broncos game at LP Field.
#1 Angelo 2012-08-29 05:01
I have a bone to pick with Titans fans. Cheer for your team! During the game, there were constantly videos on the scoreboard of Ric Flair and Titans players to try and get the crowd loud and amped but they still weren't feeling it. I know Nashville fans know how to support sports because they say Nashville Predators fans are the loudest in the NHL.
How were my seats? I sat row G which was extremely close to the field and on the 5 to 10 yard line. The Titans sideline was just to our right; it was neat seeing so many familiar faces that I see on t.v. every Sunday. The layout of LP Field is extremely easy to navigate but you must cross a bridge to get here and will likely encounter crowded concourses because they're so small. Tickets are generally cheaper than the other franchises.
You're going to find a decent amount of seats per row in the sideline sections.

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