Seat view from section 103 at Metlife Stadium, home of the New York Giants


#1 Kendall 2013-12-11 06:20
Metlife Stadium has a nice seating arrangement. 103 was right on the numbers of the left side of the uprights. Facing the south end zone. The seats to the right of us were directly behind the uprights so you should avoid those at all costs. We had row 21 so we were high enough that seeing all angles of the field wasn't an issue. Found the fans in our section to be very lively, giving high fives all around. Was a little disgusted with the harassment I saw the Eagles fans in our section receiving but I know darn well they dish it out at there stadium so that helped me accept it.
Because Metlife Stadium is completely enclosed, I've found out that there isn't a bad seat in the stadium. This place has much better sight lines than the old Giant stadium as you would imagine. That place was a dump and both teams deserved a new venue.
The parking situation is an absolute nightmare. I would have loved to have seen a new stadium built in Manhattan but there 1) probably isn't any room and 2) this land is much cheaper since it's basically a "wasteland". Ride public transit of some kind if coming from NYC/Penn Station area.

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