#1 Ghost of Dan Marino 2012-09-05 23:27
First of all, these seats would be absolutely terrible for baseball but there will be no more Marlins at this stadium. Baseball always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to sight lines in multi purpose stadiums.

447 isn't all that bad for football but there were way too many Dolphins fans in each row. In fact, 447 was the epitome of the cheap seats. Don't get seats past row 10. After that, it just becomes too much and the stairs are way too steep. Be very careful walking up and down the steps if you've had a few beers, I've seen Dolphins fans take a tumble on more than one occasion.

The parking spots for tailgating are 10X10, it's almost like they encourage tailgating. You have no reason to spend money on the food concessions unless you want a beer or two. Just tailgate all day. Another note, you have no reason to sit here during a Miami Hurricanes game. You will see empty seats scattered everywhere and this stadium doesn't do much for the college football atmosphere.

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