#1 Sean M 2012-09-07 01:55
Great seats but not a lot of fan atmosphere here. The stadium doesn't really hold what little crowd noise does exist. Don't come here expecting an atmosphere similar to Lincoln Financial Field or Gillette Stadium.

I had 140, row 20 for the Cleveland Browns game in 2010. The orange seats are all the same, cup holders are at the top of the seats in front of you. Our vantage point was from the 20 yard line. After you enter the red zone in terms of seating, the views get worse and worse on into the end zone. Best of all, the Dolphins players were down in front of us so get your camera ready.

Yes, Joe Robbie Stadium has been a multi-use sports stadium for many years but those days are now over. The Marlins made the best of an awkward situation for many seasons but Marlins baseball was always secondary to Dolphins football. Even so, the baseball diamond hurt the field's ambience for Dolphins games during the August-October months.

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