Seat view from section 107 at Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs


#1 Gregg 2012-09-25 06:08
I sat here for the Chiefs - Packers game last December. What a game and what a crowd! The thing I loved the most about section 107 was that there were no tunnels to separate our corner section from the field. We sat literally right down next to the field in row 4 and there is very little space between the field and the seats!
I don't know of another NFL stadium that puts you closer to the action than Arrowhead Stadium.
Best of all, you can usually find tickets here for no more than $120 a seat so this is a great stadium to check out if you want to follow your team on the road.

Unfortunately, public transportation to the stadium is practically non existent. It sits right next to a major highway and next to a ballpark. You'll see nothing but concrete for miles, there is plenty of parking but expect a nightmare when the game lets out and you get into your car. There are also virtually no bars and restaurants around Arrowhead Stadium but the tailgating is legendary and one of the best aspects of attending a Chiefs game.

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