Seat view from section 126 at Paul Brown Stadium, home of the Cincinnati Bengals


#2 Stephen Justice 2013-08-22 04:49
As long as your seat isn't directly behind either upright, section 126 will be pretty enjoyable to the average fan. The lower you sit, the harder it will be to follow the running game but the Bengals have had a pretty balanced offense these last two seasons so it evens out.
There are a lot of rows here. The last four or five rows will give some protection from the rain and snow thanks to the ceiling above. You can see the field very well from those rows but will feel far enough from the action to feel "left out". Just my opinion. Yours could be different.

These seats are just outside of the Bengals pro shop. They have a huge selection of Bengals items, many of the items though you can find online for cheaper. I even saw game used jerseys for sale in there last year with the grass stains and everything still on them. Those were too expensive for my blood though.
I wouldn't suggest trying to go in there at halftime because you'll be late getting back to your seat if you end up buying something. Wait until after the game or go in there 40 minutes before kickoff.
There are to entry gates outside of this section; Gates B and C so this made for a quick exit after the game ended. (Bengals vs. Ravens).
The post game party can usually be found at Rockbottom Brewery in Fountain Square, they've got some good local beers. Holy Grail and Toby Keith's in the Banks District are fun spots too but those are a good hike from Paul Brown stadium.
#1 Tony H 2011-11-05 20:01
Section 126 is the middle endzone of the north endzone. Great seats, perfect view of the jumbotron in the opposite endzone. Only a few sections down from the visiting team's tunnel. Have sat here two times, once for a Buccaneers game last season and once for a Steelers game two season ago.
There are 41 rows in this section. Rows are numbered 1 thru 41.

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