Seat view from section 315 at New Era Field, home of the Buffalo Bills


#1 Rebecca 2012-09-04 06:13
After sitting on the lower levels for most of my life as a Bills fan, all of a sudden I was forced to buy upper level seats for the New York Jets game last season, the only seats I could afford after waiting til the very last minute. Our seats were in row 22. The first 9 rows were next to 315's exit tunnel, so those fans had essentially no stairs to climb to get to their seats. Those upper level stairs can be dangerous during the harsh winter conditions, especially if you've been drinking beers all day.

The sight lines are good throughout the entire stadium I am convinced, whenever the people in front of you decide to sit down. I found it hard to enjoy a game with my knees crowded by the row in front of me. Also, the seats are too close together; the metal benches don't give you too many inches. I like the people that I go to the games with, but I don't need an elbow in my side. There is a reason Ralph Wilson Stadium doesn't look very large but is indeed one of the large venues in the NFL. They pack fans in tight!

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