#1 Timmy Tebow 2012-09-04 05:23
230 is a pretty good section. The club seats are cool if you like all of those extra amenities. I would liken club seats to a first class flight. Is the comfortable chair and waitress service necessary to enjoy the game? No. In fact, you may have more fun on the top level than the club level if you're a rowdy Bills fan that loves his beer.

There are 15 rows and any row will do. Half of the section was protected by an overhang while the other half was exposed like the rest of the stadium. You will want rows 10-15 if you're expecting snow on game day.

There is a much bigger selection for food and alcohol on the club levels and they keep the bar open for the entire game when you sit in the club seats. The rest of the stadium stops serving beer after halftime.

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