#1 Bev 2012-09-04 01:48
If you want to escape the abuse hurled at you for wearing your Jets or Patriots jersey, you can find some refuge in a smaller club section like 210. The fans are generally more well behaved and less drunk because hey; they can afford to drop $200 on a seat in section 210.
The drunk part isn't always true.

210 had plenty of comfortable seating with only maybe 15 rows or so. You can either have seats in the open air or seats underneath the awning that protect you from the sunlight/rain/snow. There is very little wait at the bars on the club levels and they are much nicer than the regular concessions.

210 sat on the 40 behind the visitor's bench, would be nice if it was behind the Bills bench but hey. I enjoyed them. You can't go wrong with these seats whatsoever.

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