Seat view from section 136 at New Era Field, home of the Buffalo Bills


#1 Danny T 2012-09-05 04:28
As many seats as there are in this stadium, there aren't very many bad seats, bleachers or club seats, it won't matter. The stadium itself, however, is where many people have their gripes. First of all, it doesn't look very appealing from the outside and is located in sleepy Orchard Park, ten miles from downtown Buffalo. There is no public transportation to the stadium which is very wise considering how many people drink at these games (sarcasm).

The bleacher seats (end zones and upper levels) are metal and have little room for your body. There are also no cup holders in those seats. There is very little in terms of restaurants, entertainment outside of the stadium. Of the food that is in the stadium, it's pretty average and boring.

The beer selection is average. Not a huge variety of import beers. The corridors are small and dimly lit so expect long waits at the bathroom and concession lines as well as a slow walk through the concourse before and after the game.

The parking situation after the game is an absolute war zone. Ralph Wilson Stadium has been standing since the 1970's and it still hasn't been perfected.

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