View from section 432 at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals


#2 Wes Lawrence 2012-10-15 04:15
Keep in mind that this section does not allow alcohol in it. You can purchase it and drink it in the concourse but you won't actually be able to carry a beer to your seats in section 432. It's a designated family section also make sure as not to act unruly because your neighboring fans won't appreciate that either.
#1 Bryce 2012-10-15 02:09
Sat here for a Cardinals game when the roof was open on a beautiful and sunny day. The roof is rarely open. Being that close to the roof is awesome when it does open. There was a glare though up until about the end of the first quarter that I didn't like and it only seemed to effect our side of the stadium.

What section 432 does have going for it is that it is a very thin section with maybe 15 or so seats in each row. That's not a lot and it's noticeable when you find your seats.
The rows are lettered A-C for the ring of honor portion and 1-23 for the second part. For obvious reasons, I would stay away from rows 20 and above; those seats are just too high up. We were in row 11, the exact middle of the section and the view wasn't bad but the sidelines are much better seats.

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