View from section 443 at State Farm Stadium, home of the Arizona Cardinals


#2 Robert 2012-10-14 17:51
We were 20 rows up at the 50 yard line. I felt very crammed in my row and I think most of the fans probably felt that way too. The amenities for fans are non-existent. One of the big screens is average, the other is entirely too small to make out anything from up top.
There are no scoreboards that will display the individual player statistics.
The concourse doesn't have tvs for fans who are walking the concourse. The monitors are at the concession stands instead.

Perhaps I know what to look for in an NFL stadium, or maybe the Cardinal fans just haven't experienced any better and don't realize that this experience is being done on the cheap. Maybe had they not spent so much darn money on a roof that stays closed, they could have spent more money on the small amenities.
#1 B.R. 2012-10-14 06:37
Sat here with my girlfriend for the 49ers game last December, row 14. I found the seating to be very comfortable. There were only maybe 20 seats assigned to each row and thank goodness we weren't stuck in the middle of the row. There wasn't a ton of standing which I liked and in fact, the stadium security doesn't like it when fans are standing up and blocking the view of others. So the game was quiet relaxing and like watching the game at home.

The sight lines were among the best I've seen at an NFL stadium. I've sat on the upper levels of Cowboy Stadium, Arrowhead Stadium, Heinz Field and Ford Field and I think University Phoenix Stadium has maybe the best upper level seating for fans.
443 is on the 50 yard line so this is where you want to be unless you want sections 412/413 which are behind the Cardinals sideline.

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