Seat view from section 115 at Scotiabank Arena, home of the Toronto Raptors


#2 Sonny 2013-11-06 23:29
I go to a few Raptors games per season, always have a blast despite their often losing ways. This is a beautiful arena too, clean just like the city.
Section 115 has one of the lesser views since it's located at the end of the court. Make sure you sit in the last 10 or so rows if you want the optimal view of the full length of the court. Otherwise, it will be hard to judge the depth of it and see where the 3 point line is, etc. Overall though, there are no terrible seats at the Air Canada Centre (I call it "The Hangar"). The Raptors players use the tunnel adjacent to these seats to exit and enter the court. If you come for a Raptors or Leafs game, make sure you tour the former Maple Leaf Gardens, the old home of the Leafs. That place had a ton of history but at least they preserved it like they did with the old Forum in Montreal.

I wouldn't suggest driving to the arena because of how big and crowded downtown Toronto can be around 6pm any evening. Either walk from your hotel or take the TTC Subway to the Union Station stop which is just outside of the arena near the main entrance. If it's a snowy or extremely cold night when you go to the game, there are underground tunnels you can walk through to get to the arena called "Path". There should be plenty of signage on the street to show you how to find it.
#1 Heath 2012-07-19 07:56
Not bad seats at all. Both team benches are down in front of you and at the foot of the section. The tunnel the players run out of is located just underneath the section. I would love to sit here again, especially if I could afford to come to Raptors and Leafs games more often. There are a lot of rows but all have as equal as good of a view as the next.

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