Seat view from section 309 at Scotiabank Arena, home of the Toronto Raptors


#3 Presley 2013-11-07 01:38
These are the best seats available on the upper level of 'The Hangar'. I try to sit as close to the middle as possible for games. The atmosphere is always a little weak up there, fans just don't get into the Raptors like they do the Leafs but with a couple of Playoff appearances, I'm sure that would change. The upper levels of the arena are called 'The Balcony' which is fitting being that there are only two tiers of seats.
I have two gripes with these seats though. The rows were way too wide. If your tickets just so happen to be in the middle of row ___ then it's going to be a headache getting in and out when you have to go to the restroom, get food, etc. There also isn't much by way of food on this side of the arena. There was a Tim Horton's (excellent doughnuts) and a Pizza stand a few sections down. Other than that, that was it. The prices for food are all Toronto prices. It's best to eat before the game at the Real Sports Bar and Grill which is on site or maybe at some of the restaurants on Front Street West like East Side Mario's or the Loose Moose.
The standing room only area is at the very top and is behind most of the upper level sections. Don't even waste your time purchasing standing room only tickets. You want an actual seat and the players and court look tiny from the top of the upper level!
#2 John M 2013-11-06 01:42
To give you an idea what the view of the court is like from section 309, here is a Youtube video shot from there during a Raptors/Indiana Pacers game at the Air Canada Centre.
#1 Aaron 2011-12-15 04:52
I highly recommend this section. Great view of everything; jumbotron, court, rest of the arena. Not close to the action but if you are going to sit in the upper arena, this is where you want to be.

18 rows; rows are listed as 1 thru 18. My seats were in the 2nd row. You'll have a blast here.

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