#1 Amy 2012-11-01 04:35
These were awesome seats. We sat 202, row 5, seats 6-8 for a Suns-Detroit Pistons game. Love coming to this arena, always a fun family environment although I don't like the heavy drinking that goes on in front of kids. What can you do? You want them to have fun.

None of the seats are padded like what you'll find courtside but they're comfortable enough; just a little narrow. If someone in your row needs out, you'll have to stand up to let them out.
Our seats sat just above the Suns bench. You'll need binoculars to tell which players are which but it's easy see what is going on from that high up. When the lights go out for team introductions, you'll realize why so many fans attend these games on a nightly basis.

Our seats were cheap but for games when the Lakers, Heat and Thunder are in town, the price tag on the tickets goes up. Supply and demand.

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