Seat view from section 119 at the Wells Fargo Center, home of the Philadelphia 76ers


#1 Magic 2012-12-09 05:01
These seats are better than the upper level but are worth skipping. The goal obstructs your view from any and every seat in this section, making it nearly impossible to see the other side of the court. Not to mention how far back these seats were compared to the end zone seating I've found in other NBA arenas, especially in DC where the seats sit very close to the court. I love the Verizon Center.
To get to section 119 the easiest, you're going to enter the Pattison Avenue entrance on the North side of the arena. There are four main entrances so it's very easy to navigate; the ticket office is located on the Broad Street side to give you an idea of which entrance you're looking for.

The Wells Fargo Center really reminds me of Madison Square Garden since the seats are all red and most of the seats are focused on the bottom level. There must be upwards of 30 rows in every single section. I love coming to games because the Broad Street transit is so convenient and easy to use.

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