Seat view from Club Box 10 at the Wells Fargo Center, home of the Philadelphia 76ers


#1 Jackson 2012-12-10 06:24
I've sat here on behalf of my boss a few times. Because we are usually there for business, so I can never give my undivided attention to the game but I can tell you plenty about these seats.

From the time you enter the club area, you're treated like a VIP which is great. These folks are spending big money off the top on the ticket price so they deserve great customer service. There is always a concierge staff member around to help with questions.

The seats aren't padded but they're wider and offer a little more leg room probably than what you're used to. If another person needs to get out of the row, most of the time, they can get out without you having to stand to let them out.
Fans, for the most part are very well behaved in the club area. Philadelphia sports fans have a terrible reputation and rightfully so. You can avoid a lot of that with club box seats but once again, you have to open up your bank account a little for these seats.
The bathroom and concessions are always shiny. The concourse floors aren't "sticky" like the main concourse so often is.

And the view? It's a good one although you're towards the middle corner of the arena. You can see all of the fast breaks form really well but it lacks the intimacy that the lower level sections can give you. There's nothing like sitting courtside only inches away from the likes of Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and Lebron.

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