Seat view from section 214 at Chesapeake Energy Arena, home of the Oklahoma City Thunder


#1 Della 2012-12-04 01:31
I've actually had seats in section 214 twice as it turns out. Once for a Phoenix Suns game and the other for a Cleveland Cavs game. Many Thunder fans probably anticipate these seats to be club seats but they're not. But they do sit right next to the club area and you have little reasons to sit there when you can sit here for fractions of the price and have a similar view of the playing court.

On the first and second levels, I don't think there is a bad seat but the upper levels are a little too high up for my liking. You definitely want any seat in a lettered row in section 214 because the later rows are all numbered. And the seat numbers begin with seat 1 and extend left to maybe seat 12.

214's main selling point is definitely it's small size, I know I hate walking thru a ton of rows and seats to find exactly where I'm sitting. With section 214 and other loft sections, you won't have any difficulty finding your seats and will have very few steps to climb. And as an added bonus, you're just a few feet from the concourse where all of the restrooms and concessions are. (Lines are usually pretty short at Chesapeake for Thunder games but atrocious for concerts).

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