Seat view from section 310 at the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers


#1 Julian 2013-01-09 00:00
I was given tickets for row 4 of this section. The Lakers were playing the Denver Nuggets and I was very skeptical as to whether or not I would even enjoy these seats. Row 4 was in the exact middle of the section so there were only maybe 7 or 8 rows total. 310 puts Lakers fans behind the hoop but it's not bad. I could follow the basketball fairly easily; everything just looks miniature.

The jumbo tron is eight sided and in HD. You can't help but to not look at the screens during the game, almost similar to what you'll experience at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. I would have to imagine that the Lakers have the largest jumbotron in the NBA but I could be wrong.

The easiest way to get to these seats is to enter on the Figueroa street side and just take the escalator up to the top level. The escalators move very slowly so be sure to make sure you get to the game well ahead of time to get thru security and find your seats. LA Lakers fans are notorious for always being late to games and Dodgers games are the same story but let's be honest, it's annoying!

Overall - section 310? Not as bad as you would think. If you're a Lakers fan on a budget that just wants to get into the Staples Center to see the Lakers in person, go for it. It's a small section so it's impossible to choose a bad seat there.

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