Seat view from premier section 13 at the Staples Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers


#2 Ronaldo 2013-10-16 06:59
Premier 13 is a very quality area to sit when watching any of the three professional teams that play at the Staples Center. (I don't count the Sparks) because the demand to see them just isn't there. I sat here recently for a Lakers preseason game. Fun, as always although the preseason games definitely don't have the luster of a regular season game.
All of the Premier sections are lower level- they're just elevated above the court a little more. 75% of the arena consists of lower level seats, actually. You'll always have a waiter if you have Premier seats. They'll bring you select food and beverage to your seats at your request but keep in mind, nothing is complimentary.

Section 13 in particular will put you facing the visiting team's bench across the floor. (The Lakers use the bench in front of section 119). The entrance is also private and what I really like about the Staples Center is the curtains that block the view of the court from the concourse. It gives off the feeling of "showtime", especially since they dim the lights over the crowd and the players/court receive the only light in the building. For Clippers games, the lights are on full blast all over. This place definitely gives preference to the Lakers. Just look up in the upper levels at the purple colored seats and all of the gold banners hanging up top.
#1 Magic 2013-01-08 19:08
I've sat here twice. Once for a Lakers game and once for a Clippers game. Yes, I save all of my ticket stubs, so I can tell you exactly where I've sat for every Lakers game I've been to.

Premier section 13 is great. We were practically mid court but there are only three sections along each sideline. The premier level is essentially on the first level, just a little higher up for the perfect line of sight. There will be a cement block wall separating it from the lower level seats so if you get row 1, you will have significantly more room for your legs than every other row. (There are 9 rows in almost all of the premier sections).

The customer service when you have premier seats is above and beyond customer expectations. This arena definitely caters to the corporations and businesses more so than the Great Western Forum did. Of course, that's what the NBA has become these days, more about the corporations and less about the true fans.

Another thing to remember; the lighting is very dark in the crowd and the floor is very bright. So you may not be able to take quality photos with your camera phone. That's just my experience.

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