#1 Justin Lawrence 2012-11-22 00:51
Was given these seats in 22, row A2 as kind of a work perk which I gladly accepted and took my girlfriend to a game. I must say, the Oracle Arena looks impressive on the outside but is pretty average on the inside. It's big and still looks relatively new despite being in operation since 1966 so it has good upkeep!
How were our seats? Pretty much as good as you could do for a Warriors game. I had never sat that close to the floor before and it's neat to be able to hear a lot of the trash talk and expletives between players while the game is going on. The seats were comfortable. You won't be exactly on the floor but rather underneath the basket.

The players look much bigger this close, especially when you're looking directly at them instead of from above.
Best of all, we were right next to the Knicks' tunnel so it was neat to have the players running on and off the court near you during the game.
Parking was also included in our ticket price even though I think the BART is always the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to catch a Warriors game live. Would love to sit here again and hope I get that opportunity.

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