Seat view from section 223 at the American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks


#2 Adam Grimes 2012-12-18 06:16
We sat in section 223 for a Mavericks/Raptors game, which is a section in the platinum level regular seats. I was expecting the platinum level to be somewhat comfortable for fans. I'm 6'4 and also wider than the average person. There wasn't enough leg space for me to enjoy the game comfortably. My knees were firmly pressed into the cup holders, which was tolerable for about one quarter.

Fortunately, not all the seats around us were sold so I was able to spread out a little. My right knee still hurt for the rest of the game (and the next day) from being pressed into that cup holder. The view of the court from 223 was spectacular; you feel close to the court without being too close and also without obstructions. It was also nice that you have complimentary wait service on the Platinum level. Not that we used it, since we wanted the larger beers, but it was nice that they have that service available to Mavs and Stars fans.

While I had a great time at the game and spending time with some family I hadn't seen in a while, I wish that the seats had been more comfortable.
#1 Darren 2012-12-16 07:27
223 was kind of a hybrid section. It's behind the goal and in the corner but I could see the sidelines pretty well.
We were elevated above the court at the right angle and were in the corner closest to the visitors bench.
One thing I noticed looking down at the court was how much space they give you in each row and also how close they put the seats to the court. That's love right there.

I had a Bleu Cheese Burger from the Grill Zone which is a concession that can be found throughout the arena. It was upwards of $10 but it was definitely worth the money. The beer selection that I saw was your typical domestic beers but there are plenty of mixed drink concessions around.

You have no reason to park or pay for concessions at American Airlines Center though. You can ride the DART downtown and get off at Victory Station for right around $4 each way. And then you can eat at Victory Tavern which is nearby and get a quality meal for fractions of what you would pay inside the arena. After the arena was constructed in a somewhat undeveloped north side of Dallas, other businesses sprung up everywhere. Now this area of town is bustling and I like seeing that.

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