Seat view from section 319 at the American Airlines Center, home of the Dallas Mavericks


#2 Kip 2012-12-18 03:41
These seats sucked. You can't see a good portion of the court thanks to the backboard. There isn't any width to the seats and I felt completely disconnected from the game. Should have stayed at home. Just my opinion...
#1 Juan L 2012-12-17 19:06
319 is where I sat for the Pacers game in February. Definitely not the best seats in the arena but I was pretty much expecting what I got before I even found my seats. For weeknight games, these aren't bad seats because the upper levels aren't as crowded and you can kind of stretch out with few fans around you or decide where you want to sit.
Sitting behind the net isn't for everyone. If you have poor eye sight, you'll be relying on the crowd reaction to know whether or not the ball went into the hoop. I could see the fast breaks form really well but the game doesn't look as fast when you sit so high.

AAC is my favorite arena in Dallas, believe it or not. The Rangers ballpark is always too hot during the summers and there is nothing around the ballpark except for an amusement park and lots of concrete. Cowboys Stadium is just too big, too expensive and too corporate. Is AAC the best arena to watch professional sports in America? Maybe not from the point of view you get at your seats. Certainly I think there are more innovative arenas; Philips Arena especially. But there really isn't a bad seat at the AAC.

If you're driving to the arena, I would suggest parking at the 'House of Blues' down the way if they still offer parking. It was usually around $5 to park.

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